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Havana Collection Traditional Geometric Area Rug and Runner Professional

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There's nothing like making your area rugs to give you a more personal touch on your home. If you have kids, it's especially nice to create a branch area rug that they can grow up and look at as they walk down the hallway. If you're feeling extra fancy, go for hand-embroidered area rugs that look even more special when displayed in a child's nursery. However you choose to create these unique decorator rugs, there are a few easy steps that will get you started on the right track. Let's look at how to make an area rug that reflects your style.

What You need to make an area rug that reflects your style?

For this, we'll use the example of a bedroom. You can use the same colour scheme, pattern, and texture for every room in your house or create a unique area black modern rug specific to that space. The colour scheme will help you set the scene and make the carpet look more like a painting. You can also choose to go with neutral areas in rooms like the dining room, kitchen, or family room. For a more personalized touch, you can use different fabrics, yarns, and other elements to create a distinct look for each area in your house. This is especially helpful if you have children living in the house and want to use the space to display your home decor.

Use colour to set the scene

The first thing you'll need is to choose a colour for your rug. If you're using a standard colour in your house, you might consider using it as the basis for the border. One way to do this is to pick a colour similar to the colour scheme in your home and use it as the base. Another thing to keep in mind is that adding colour to the border will make the edge stand out more, so choose a softer colour against the wall or less colourful compared to the primary colour in your room. This will help your modern geometric rug blend more in with the existing décor in the room. To keep your rug uniform in colour, avoid stripes or other patterns. Strips are easy to spot and reflect, while patterns are harder to ignore. If you're unsure how your area rug will look with some Stripes or other patterns, or you want to play it safe, avoid those.

Find an area in your home that's rich in colour

Next, you'll need to find a relatively neutral area in your home. This way, the colour scheme won't get in the way as much, and you can concentrate on adding plenty of colour to your area rug. If you have kids living in the house, they can also help. Pick an area in the house with little to no colour and is relatively calm, like the hallway or the bathroom. Another thing to remember is that many rooms in your house don't need to be as bright as the main living room. You can brighten up the bathroom or the kitchen with a few lights or even keep the lights down in the living room when you're watching TV.

Pick a theme for your area rug

After choosing an area in your house that has a low colour saturation, you can start to search for a theme. Themes are what glue your living space together. They can range from major holidays to everyday events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can also create a more global area abstract geometric rug by picking an area with a low colour saturation rich in culture or history. For example, if you have a kids' area in your house, you could make a tropical or jungle-themed rug to match the beautiful walls in that space. Go with a simple design. One thing to keep in mind when designing your area rug is to keep it simple. Nothing too complex or detailed, right? You don't want to clutter your room with too many details and patterns, especially when you're only using them as wall decor. Another thing to keep in mind is that your rug should be relatively plain. If you want to add a few personal touches, keep them to a minimum, but a plain rug is a perfect addition to your home.

Don't be afraid to play with texture.

If a texture is an important part of your design, keep it simple. When it comes to your rug, a simple weave or design can work just as well as a pattern, depending on what makes your soul happy. The best way to go is to play with textures. Simple wool or cotton yarn weave can look beautiful against a colourful wall, while a more intricate pattern will show through the walls and floor with less colour shift. Try adding some hand-sewn details, like a sheep's head, a traditional pattern, or a shell, to add some interest to your design. Note that some rugs may be able to take a more adventurous design. Some rugs may be able to take a more complex design that involves lots of textures, such as a Persian or Turkish motif.


An area rug is a great way to add a little sparkle and personality to any room in your house. You can use this beauty as a decoration or even a ground mat for your indoor or outdoor room. Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting started on your area rug project. Make sure to choose an area in your house that's relatively neutral. This will help the colour scheme stay consistent. Find an area in your home that's relatively plain. This will help make the rug easy to clean and maintain. Keep your design simple. Don't go overboard with patterns or details, especially when you're only using the rug as a wall decoration. If you want to add a personal touch, try to keep it to a minimum, but a plain rug is a perfect addition to your home.

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