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Bunjoo’s Ads Posting Policies

Ad Posting Rules and Policies

Bunjoo’s Ads Posting Policies

At Bunjoo we want to make sure that the site is as friendlyand usable as possible for all visitors and advertisers. Ads do not go alongwith the posting rules mentioned in our Terms of Use will be removed from oursite.

You are completely responsible for all information that you givein to Bunjoo and any outcomes that may result from your post. We reserve theright at our discretion to refuse or delete content that we believe is unacceptableor violating our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right at our discretion to blocka user's usage of the site either temporarily or permanently, or to refuse auser's registration.

Please readand understand the following policies before posting:

·        All items and services must be based in the UK,unless advertising an overseas property, in which case it must be posted in theInternational Property category.

·        All the ads have to be posted in English.Getting a translation in different language is allowed.

·        All Bunjoo ads must be posted by person over 16years of age.

·        All ads must be posted in the most suitablecategory.

·        Illegal items or services are not allowed on Bunjoo.

·        Hateful, insulting or malicious ads are not allowedon the site.

·        Each product, services or job should only beposted on the site once. Duplicates and spam ads are not permitted.

·        Ad that contains adult, mature or erotic contentare not permitted.

·        Personal’s ads are not allowed.

·        URLs must be entered in the URL field, not inthe description of the ad.

·        All ads must only include one item. Variousitems must be listed in separate ads, with the exemption of household clearanceads and job ads with several openings for the same position.

·        Things posted for sale must include the pricewithin the ad.

·        Adding false or invalid phone numbers is notpermitted. Including a phone number in your ad is optional. If you don’t wantto include one, leave the field blank.

·        Premium phone numbers are not allowed to be usedin the Contact Phone Number area, or in the ad description. They can be used inthe Registered Phone Number area.

·        Members must enter their contact details in thecorrect fields within their ads. Disclosing these details in the addescription, photos or title is not permitted.

·        Adding false or invalid phone numbers is not permitted.Including a phone number in your ad is optional. If you don’t want to includeone, leave the field blank.

·        Keyword spamming (including many unrelated wordswithin your ad) to use searches is not permitted.

·        All Sold items and other ads that are no longeroffered should be removed or deleted by the Advertiser.

·        Bunjoo does not allow intolerance of any kind.

·        Hateful language, hate speech or extreme vulgarityare not allowed.

·        Auctions ads are not allowed on Bunjoo.

·        Ads mentioning, we do not accept cash are not allowed.

·        Ads mentioning that the item is not able to beinspected or picked up in person are not permitted.

·        Pre-order ads are not permitted. All items mustbe in the custody of the seller before they are posted.