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Rustic Steel Planter Professional

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What made you go to it having a 54-wheel planter like this it's a big implement to put on a lot of corn just before I can get over acres and sometimes I don't get started deserving of other guys but I like to see how many anchors what is a big planner what's your goal or what do you usually get um with something like this well they stall bills like this about 400 actors a day 350. I have had some 450 days but sometimes it's hard to get so this is a 20-inch planter here we can see the auto steer taking over what is a wide wide stance on 120 inches on the tractor the spacing for the tracks Rustic Steel Planter yes makes for a nice planner tracker yes it does if you like using these uh the rx four-track tractors for planting and yeah don't tie the ground up on the end row so I'm planning the 20-inch corn uh what type of corn head do you run in the fall behind this planter uh 24 round the 20s and it's no more risk so it really I know it's odd the 24 row is behind it but with the risk, it keeps it close enough it really doesn't matter I imagine that this narrow corn probably feeds in there pretty well and stands up that that makes a big difference now.

If I was on the 30s or something odd flattened you would notice it a lot more the 24 hood especially kind of just sweeps it all in yeah so what made you go to the narrow row is it just holds the ground better in this rolling ground or is it healed better hold the ground better got a little better yield because you get you to know your population is spread out you can up that population and still you get wider rows it kind of stacks it in there tighter and you have a dry spell you need it spaced out pretty good and years ago we didn't have the chemicals and used to have signal grass real bad and Raised Bed you keep that choke it keeps you it keeps the field clean you know all the leaves on the corn it's gonna let much sunlight get down into it oh it's definitely nice to shade the weeds out yeah we can look back here and see the nice visibility of the 9rx and taking that whole 90-foot tool bar as the tractor comes up here to the headland.

 you can see it's on auto steer making that perfect 90 foot pass here with the planner and charlie will take over here and turn the tractor around we've got plenty of space with two headlands on that's 180 feet out there then the tractor turns around nice and tightly you can see the planter follow right along and now the tractor is back on auto steer making that next so charlie you're able to see all of your rows um i can see the lines going up and down as they engage putting out the crop yeah so when i put this extra screen in you know what lots of good technology during the cab ride-along charlie talked about harvesting this 20-inch space corn that is planted by the 54-row planter here we can see a harvest clip on the farm in the fall the first combine that will emerge is charlie's john deere s790 equipped with the 24 row 20-inch corn head and one of charlie's s780 combines equipped with an Rustic Circular Planter so Rustic Circular Planter.